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Miesville 56

It was a calm cloudy morning when I picked up donuts and headed out to the start to help with registration at this years Miesville FiftySix, but the excitement started to build fast as lines of people formed to check in and get their number. Gravel Grinders are a dedicated group and ready to have some fun and take on the challenge of nature. We had cold temps (compared to the previous days) and strong winds with rain on and off throughout the ride, but that was not stopping any of us. Since I helped with registration (Where I checked in teammate Kyle Davis) the group started to head for the debriefing and start of the event and I had to still get more layers on, grab my bike and hit the bathroom before rolling out. I missed the group roll out, but jumped on the back and made it a goal to catch up to the group. (I did, thank goodness) It's always fun to meet new people on the ride and see friends you have not seen all winter. So lots of smiles and high fives were had! The stop at Chimney Rock is always a highlight with Maple Grove Cycling doing support with Kris and his wife Amy and their adorable kids. You walk up to the Rock, kiss it for luck and get a playing card from Tony on your way down. This year, I was a winner!! YAY! (4 of clubs)  ;) Then you jump on your bike and head for the "hilly" portion of the ride. Riding some hills and taking in all the beautiful scenery that comes with that area, you make your way down to Welch Village. Such a cute little town. Then you turn around and climb back out. Couple more little fast stretches of gravel and then you see Sean Pease and Angie Hop at the finish to high five you as you turn to make your way to Kings for a burger and beverage and reminisce about the ride and the day.... Good times....every time!!!!  #crushgravel #bikelife Alt Armada Alt Bike Board